Location Phone Numbers
Franklin 814-432-2721
Butler 724-287-6973
Corry 814-664-4638
Bradford 814-368-4134



About UsStarted in 1957, we're here to stay!

Sehman Tire Service was founded by Bill and Sue Sehman in Franklin PA in 1957. Mr. Sehman worked as a salesman for a tire dealership in West Newton, PA southeast of Pittsburgh. He did well as a salesman, but longed to go into business for himself. While talking with a supplier U S Royal Tires, later to become Uniroyal, Bill was offered a small consignment inventory with the catch that he goes where U S Royal needed representation. In the spring of 1957 Bill and Sue took a Sunday ride to Franklin. On that Sunday they found a building to rent as well as an apartment to call home only one block from the business location. In three weeks time, the couple sold their home, said goodbye to their families and moved to Franklin. With a small consignment inventory of new tires and a loan to buy some used retread equipment, Sehman Tire Service was opened in April of 1957. One employee was hired to install tires on cars during the day, while Mr. Sehman would travel the area selling tires and collecting casings to be retreaded. Mrs. Sehman would be at the store to wait on customers, take care of the book work, and answer the phone. When evening came Bill would retread the day’s tires and get things ready for the next day. A typical work day was 16 hours. With those strong work ethics, and the commitment to superior customer service, Sehman Tire Service was able to become a leader in the tire business in Northwestern PA.

Today the business has grown to include four retail/wholesale tire stores. As well as its headquarters, main warehouse, and state of the art retread plant. All four sell and service any type of tire. From a lawn mower to the largest farm tractor, The Company supplies and services these at competitive prices. The companies’ major focus is in the consumer tire market, passenger cars and pick-ups. As well as a strong focus on commercial trucks featuring new tires and our own retreaded tires. Sehman’s has always been tire focused. We offer a limited amount of undercar service solely to enhance the ride comfort and the longevity of your tires. Sehman Tire Service has a huge inventory of our National brand tires, or can locate and quote you on any brand or model you prefer. With 53+ years in business you’ll understand why our motto is “where service is highlighted”. Sehman’s pride themselves with their tire knowledge. We believe in great service at a fair price. We don’t try to sell you something you don’t need and you won’t be quoted a price that ends up higher after being installed on your vehicle. Call or visit any Sehman Tire service location to experience a tire “service” experience.